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Mr Leung Yuk Sum



Participating in a cycling race in 2017


(This article was written by the editorial board of the Student Magazine (2018-19) based on an interview with Mr Leung.)
Mr Leung joined Pentecostal Lam Hon Kwong School (PLHKS) the year it was founded, in 1983. He retired in 2019 after working in our school for 36 years. When he retired, he was a member of our school's administrative committee and head of the Careers Department.
A teacher of Chemistry and Integrated Science at our school, Mr Leung has always been humorous and wise. There are many famous sayings of his, and the one most fondly talked about by students is: "Be a proactive learner and learn to be proactive – this will bring you lifelong benefits."


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Graduated from the Chinese University in 1982 

Photo taken on the Speech Day, 2019



Difference between past and present
Oh, there is a huge difference between the past and present at PLHKS. In the past, there was no fifth floor, no air-conditioning, no elevator, and no computer room. The facilities that the school now has are much better than before.
In addition, in the era of the HKCEE and the HKALE, our school had more than 1,000 students, so the school was very crowded then. Now, in the era of the HKDSE, there are a lot fewer students, so the school appears to be much more spacious.
All in all, the school building is now more beautiful and better equipped than before.
Good memories
As Mr Leung is about to leave PLHKS, where he has been working for 36 years, he is reluctant to part with everything in the school. No matter the flowers or the trees, they are all memory-laden. "See the world in a grain of sand and understand humanity with half a petal." There is a lot to admire, commemorate and learn from the people and things around.
For Mr Leung, the most memorable thing about PLHKS is that he has met many students as well as teachers here and established deep friendships with them. A lot of happy times, loads of laughter, growing up with everyone... These are all fantastic memories.


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A family photo taken at the Blue Mountain Park, Sydney in 2014 Mr Leung celebrating his birthday in 2016


Yesterday’s students, today's colleagues
When seeing that the former students of PLHKS have now become teachers at the school, Mr Leung was very happy and deeply felt that time flies. In these new teachers, Mr Leung can vaguely see his former self. “Out with the old, in with the new”; the giant wheel of the times keeps advancing. While Mr Leung still remembers the naive and childish appearance of these former students years ago, today, they have become teachers, being rich in knowledge and very decent in speech and behaviour. The verse “following the breeze at night time, the rain quietly moistens everything” truly expresses the meaning of education.
It is Mr Leung’s hope that the alumni can work hard ceaselessly in their roles as teachers, engage in life-long learning, care for their students and nurture talents while striving to fulfill the sacred mission of teachers.