Features of the School

Arts Education



Our school is the first batch of subsidized secondary schools in Hong Kong to undergo arts education reform. To cater for students’ different arts potential, and to cultivate their creativity, the school had a reform in arts education in 2000 to introduce diversified formal arts courses in accordance with the reform documents from the Education Bureau.



Diversified Arts

To cultivate students’ growth in various aspects of arts, our school offers diversified arts courses in different forms for students to choose. They include visual arts, music, choir, drama, dance and media arts. The courses emphasize both theory and skills, which enable students to utilize their creativity and develop their artistic talents.

Throughout the years, our school has received awards in various arts competitions, which gives recognition to the school’s diversified arts education curriculum. In 2003, the school was awarded the “Gold Award for Arts Education” by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, which further confirms our achievement in the development of arts education.


Drama Education


Drama education is one of the distinguishing features of our school’s arts education, and we are the first subsidized secondary school in Hong Kong to introduce drama into the formal curriculum. Through drama, students learn to use gestures and language to express themselves, enhance their aesthetic judgement, cultivate and exercise their creativity.


Our students’ achievements in drama have been recognized by the academia. Previously, our school has been awarded the "Best Performing Secondary School in Hong Kong” five times in the Hong Kong School Drama Festival. In recent years, our school has actively participated in the Hong Kong Creative Drama Festival, and received group and other awards.


In 2002, our school was awarded the “Drama Education Development Award” by the Hong Kong Federation Drama Societies, which gives recognition to our commitment to the promotion of drama education. In 2007, our two drama teachers, Mr Tsin Tak Shun and Ms Wong Lai Ping, won the "Chief Executive’s Award for Teaching Excellence" in Arts Education.


With a view to improving students' English speaking skills, our school also encourages students to attain international recognition by attending a graded exam (Speech and Drama) assessed by Trinity College London. Throughout the years, our students have consistently achieved good results in the graded exams, making us the best performing school in Hong Kong, and is thus commended by the Trinity College London with the “Exhibition Award”.

In recent years, our school has been invited by various organisations to help plan educational drama, and students can serve and care for the community through active participation in drama. Our works include “Why are you so lethal?”, which promotes the antidrug message, and “Lost in Net”, which aims to prevent online sex crimes.




Music Day


Our school has always regarded music education important. Since our school was founded, “Music Day” has been organized to cultivate students’ interest in music and their passion in singing. Every year, the school organizes the “Inter-class Singing Contest” for each form and with the aim to unite the class, students have to prepare a song and perform it on stage.


Apart from inter-class competitions, our music teachers organize “Music Day” during the post-exam period, and students can take part as individual, duo or a team. Through an array of performances: singing and playing musical instruments, performing in band groups, students showcase their music talents. Each year, “Music Day” is one of the highlights which students enjoy immensely.



Wind Band


Through team music training, our school aims to cultivate students’ ability to appreciate music, develop their good conduct, enhance their interest in music and build up self-confidence by offering a series of music training courses including woodwind, brass, percussion, and the wind band. In the music instrument classes, students learn performing and ensemble skills in addition to learning about the instruments. With the band's training, students’ team spirit can be effectively cultivated, and their sense of belonging to the school is enhanced by different performance opportunities offered by the school.


Art Show

Art show 1.JPG  Art Show 2.JPG

To expose senior secondary students to different forms of arts, the arts teachers help incorporate an Art Show in the senior secondary arts curriculum for S5 classes to work together to create their art performance, which involves various art forms. The performance has to include visual arts, dance, music, drama and even multimedia arts elements, and the whole class performs on stage, with their performance revolving round a particular theme.



Arts Week

Art Week 1.JPG  Art Week 2.JPG

To enhance the artistic atmosphere, our school organizes artistic performances at lunchtime. Each year in April, our arts teachers organize the “Arts Week” and students are invited to perform at noon.




Visual Arts Exhibition


Each year in June, the visual arts teachers supervise their students to organize the "Visual Arts Exhibition" where they can showcase their artistic achievements. Parents and guests can enjoy the artworks of the graduating classes on the Speech Day. During the exhibition, students present their best artworks, and offer visitors a brief introduction to help them gain a better understanding of their creative ideas and the making of their artworks.



Drama Nite


Dramanite 1.JPG  Dramanite 2.JPG

Drama Nite is a major highlight of our school’s Performing Arts Panel. In early years, the four houses would take part in the drama competition during the post-exam period. They would strive for the best drama performance in order to display their performing skills during the Drama Nite.


In recent years, our Performing Arts Panel changed the nature of the Drama Nite and it has become a night for the Drama Team members to showcase what they have learned in the year. Parents are invited to enjoy the performance and appreciate students’ artistic talents.



Dance Day


Dance Day is a highlight of the dance curriculum. Every July during the post-exam period, the dance class students would present what they have learnt. The activity is organized by students, and dance class students from each form perform one to three dances for the audience. The dances, which are mainly created and choreographed by students, have attained relatively high standards.