A.     Compulsory Part (Total 182 hours)


I. Planet earth* (6 hours)

II. Microscopic world I* (21 hours)

III. Metals* (22 hours)

IV. Acids and bases* (25 hours)

V. Fossil fuels and carbon compounds* (18 hours)

VI. Microscopic world II (8 hours)

VII. Redox reactions, chemical cells and electrolysis* (23 hours)

VIII. Chemical reactions and energy* (7 hours)

IX. Rate of reaction (9 hours)

X. Chemical equilibrium (10 hours)

XI. Chemistry of carbon compounds (25 hours)

XII. Patterns in the chemical world (8 hours)



B.     Elective Part (Total 48 hours, select any 2 out of 3)


XIII. Industrial chemistry (24 hours)

XIV. Materials chemistry (24 hours)

XV. Analytical chemistry (24 hours)



C.     Investigative Study (20 hours)


XVI. Investigative study in chemistry






* These topics are included in the chemistry part of Combined Science Curriculum.