Mathematics Gifted Education




Our school provides mathematics elite training to develop students' critical thinking skills, creativity, mathematics investigating and reasoning skills, and enhance their skills in solving daily life mathematics problems. Moreover, we aim at helping our students to communicate and express their ideas with logical reasoning. And the elite trainging builds students' sense about numbers and symbols, spacing and measurement, as well as their appreciation of structures and patterns.


Setting up Mathematics Club


Under Mathematics Panel, we set up Mathematics Club to provide extra training to elite students. We hold 2 to 3 meetings every month, and provide chances for them to join intra-school and inter-school competitions to unleash their potential and enrich their learning experiences.


Awards in recent years


Thailand International Mathematical Olympiad
1. Final Round 2021-2022  
Merit Award 2A 19 Lee Tsz Long
2. Semi- Final 2021-2022  
Bronze Award 2A 19 Lee Tsz Long
3. Heat Round 2021-2022  
Silver Award 2A 19 Lee Tsz Long




2022 Asia International Mathematical Olympiad Open Contest
1. Final  
Certificate of Honour 2A Lee Tsz Long
Certificate of Honour 2A Yau Ngai Check
2. Semi Final  
Bronze Honour 2A Yau Ngai Check