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Healthy Campus

Students’ Participation


Hydroponics is an environmentally friendly and safe cultivation method that has many advantages. Hydroponic plants are normally healthier, mature earlier, and have a higher yield. Under the guidance of professional instructors, students learn how to install hydroponic equipment, germinate the seeds, transplant, irrigate, fertilize and harvest the crops. Apart from learning the hydroponic cultivation techniques, students can also share the joy of harvest with others.


A new page for healthy eating initiated by hydroponics in PLHKS

Healthy Campus Essay Competition

To raise students’ awareness of the need for a healthy campus, the Healthy Campus Team has held an English Essay Competition, followed by a Chinese Essay Competition. The Principal, Chinese and English teachers were invited to be the judges. Students participated actively, and both teachers and students showed their insights towards the pursuit of a healthy campus.

Promotion of Fruit Day and Healthy Breakfast

The Healthy Campus Team has actively promoted Fruit Day to enhance students’ interest in eating fruit and encourage them to form the habit of eating fruits. The Health Brigade prepared sandwiches as breakfast for students in order to raise their awareness of the need for a healthy breakfast. It also aims to instill in students the concept of a healthy and balanced diet.



Enthusiastic response from students

Offering “warmth” in winter

With the approach of the cold front, the Health Brigade prepared hot drinks for everyone, which warmed the whole school.

Healthy Eating Culinary Contest

The Healthy Eating Culinary Contest was jointly organized by the Physical Education Panel, Healthy Campus Team and the Home Economics Panel and aims to help students understand the importance of healthy eating through designing and cooking feature dishes. Teachers and students from different forms worked as teams to cook and compete with one another, exhibiting excellent culinary skills. The contestants have to choose healthy ingredients and cooking methods low in salt, oil and sugar, to cook dishes that excel in colour, smell, flavour and food presentation. Not only does the contest test their cooking skills, but also the contestants’ creativity.


Teachers and students cooking healthy dishes

PLHKS Fitness Corner

The PLHKS Fitness Corner located in the covered playground is managed by the Sports Promotion Team of the Physical Education Panel. Despite its small size, the Fitness Corner provides sufficient basic fitness equipment and facilities for students or sports teams to do endurance and aerobic exercises, which strengthen their muscles and physique and boost their cardiovascular health and physical fitness. To promote good health, the Physical Education Panel has prepared a S1 Fitness Training Scheme for S1 students to experience the joy of doing exercise.



Inter-class Indoor Rowing Competition


Life Education Programme

The programme aims to enhance students’ wisdom and creativity through activities of different topics, content and forms. It helps them understand the often-confusing and complicated adolescent years, and encourage them to cultivate and enhance holistic life quality in open-minded and lively ways. They are guided to experience and discover the value and meaning of life so that they can live a quality life.


Knocking Out Gambling



Teachers and Students Fighting Gambling

PE Day

The PE Day organized by the Physical Education Panel enables students to experience different ways for achieving fitness and health. It also enhances their team work and sense of belonging; provides leadership training and opportunities for appreciation of the art of physical activities. It encourages them to be creative for self-breakthrough. Students from different classes encourage and support each other, filling the whole campus with energy and vigor.


同學參與中四同學研發的比賽, 樂在其中.JPG

Students enjoying and participating in a competition designed by S4 students


同學參與中四同學研發的球賽, 合作無間.JPG

Students cooperating with one another in a ball game designed by S4 students


Inter-class Dodgeball Competition


pe day 2013 班際跳大繩賽, 師生齊心上陣.JPG

Teachers and students joining an Inter-class Skipping Competition