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Student Union and Houses


Student Union Annual General Meeting: An annual event for the inauguration of Presidents and Vice-Presidents of the Student Union, and captains and vice-captains of the four houses



  • To cultivate students’ leadership skills
  • To develop students' ability to carry out large-scale activities
  • To enhance communication between students and the school
  • To enhance students’ understanding and sense of belonging to the school
  • To strengthen the link between alumni and the Student Union



Student Union 


The Student Union aims to nurture students’ leadership skills as well as their sense of autonomy, cooperation and civic consciousness; facilitate students’ exploration of their potential and develop their sense of belonging to the school. Also, it aims to organise activities and offer students welfare in accordance with the school’s principles.

The Student Union encourages students to voice their opinions to improve communication between the school and students for creating a harmonious campus. As students’ representatives, the Student Union committee members organise various activities to enrich their school life. They also give opinions on the school policies and systems, hoping to enhance students' sense of belonging to the school.


There were four houses at the opening of our school. In order to further cultivate the leadership skills of our students, we established the Joint House Association in 1992-1993 in preparation for the establishment of the Student Union. The Joint House Association gradually functioned as a Student Union, and the President was elected among the executive committee members of the four houses. The Students Union was formally established in 1999-2000. The Student Union Executive Committee, led by the President and two Vice-Presidents, under which there are four divisions:

  • Division of Academic and Cultural Affairs
  • Division of Promotion and Publicity
  • Division of Joint House Affairs
  • Division of Student Welfare

The Presidents of the Joint House Association

Number Academic Year President 
1 1992 - 1993 6B Fung Chun Kuen
2 1993 - 1994 6A Fan Po Fung
3 1994 - 1995 6B Chan Yiu Chung
4 1995 - 1996 6A Yeung Yat
5 1996 - 1997 6B Chan Kit Ching
6 1997 - 1998 6A Mo Lai Shan
7 1998 - 1999 6B Ho Kai Lok


The Presidents of Student Union

Number Academic Year President 
1 1999 - 2000 6A Ho Ching Lui
2 2000 - 2001 6B Wong Sin Yi
3 2001 - 2002 6A Tsui Hoi Lam
4 2002 - 2003 6B Chan Chi Hung
5 2003 - 2004 6B Siu Wing Chu
6 2004 - 2005 6B Kwan Man Ching
7 2005 - 2006 6A Pun Ka Chun
8 2006 - 2007 6B Wong Wing Sze
9 2007 - 2008 6B Chan Suet Yi
10 2008 - 2009 6B Wong Yin Fat
11 2009 - 2010 6A Wong Man Sze
12 2010 - 2011 5A Yang Yuk Chong
13 2011 - 2012 5A Kwong Ching Ning
14 2012 - 2013 5A Fan Suet Yi
15 2013 - 2014 5E Pang Ka Yan
16 2014 - 2015 5E Liang Wei Ze
17 2015 - 2016 5A Yeung Man Lui
18 2016 - 2017 5B Wong Yat Long




Work of the various Student Union Divisions

Division of Academic and Cultural Affairs

It is responsible for students’ academic activities, which includes organizing the Student Union Election to deepen students’ understanding of the candidate cabinets. The Student Union Annual General Meeting is conducted in English, and student leaders can showcase their outstanding English and public speaking skills. The division also sets up a “Democracy Wall” as a means for students to express opinions about the school. It also promotes the “School Elite Class” scheme which aims to enhance students’ team spirit through various competitions. In addition, the division organizes the “Teachers Appreciation Assembly”, usually in March, in which students can express their gratitude, and present thoughtful gifts to teachers. The division also works with the Division of Promotion and Publicity to organize the “Inter-House Chinese Debating Competition” during the post-exam period to improve students’ critical thinking.



Division of Promotion and Publicity

It is responsible for the promotion of various activities organised by the Student Union, and the publishing of the SU Post. The SU Post is published in the form of booklets with color printing. The content covers the teachers, students and alumni, featuring interviews with them. It also includes articles to be shared for promoting the school theme of the year. The SU Post has a rich content. Apart from interviews and articles, it also explores heated social issues to encourage students to think about their future.


Division of Joint House Affairs

It organises various inter-house ball games including the Inter-House Basketball Competition and the Inter-House Volleyball Competition and helps organise the Athletics Meet. Apart from sports activities, it organises “Inter-House Quiz” to enhance students’ interest in academic studies. It also organizes the “Inter-House Chinese Debating Competition” during the post-exam period to improve students’ critical thinking.


Division of Student Welfare

It is responsible for managing the Student Union Room, lending out various sports items and board games for students to play in their spare times, as well as umbrellas during rainy days. Also, it organises “Stationery Crazy Sale”, selling stationery with big discounts. During the Christmas Celebration, committee members visit every class to hold lucky draws, immersing students in a joyful festive atmosphere.

Review of memorable Student Union Activities 

Student Union Leadership Training 


In July, the President and Vice-Presidents of the Student Union Executive Committee organise a committee training day camp to enhance the committee members’ leadership skills, and plan the activities for the coming school year. They give advice to committee members on matters to be noted when holding activities. The camp marks the beginning of work of the Student Union. In November, a Student Union Committee Training Day is organised to promote team spirit among the committee members through teamwork training.


Singing Contest

The Student Union organised the Sing Contest in November. A lot of students participated to showcase their singing talents.






Inter-House Current Affairs Quiz

The Student Union organised the Inter-House Current Affairs Quiz for junior and senior students in the second term. Students were very engaged in the exciting competition.





Inter-House Ball Games

The Student Union organised Inter-House Ball Games, which include Inter-House Basketball Competition, and Inter-House Volleyball Competition in the second term. Every contestant prepared well for gaining the glory of their House.







Student Union Activities Overview


September Introducing the Student Union to the S1 students
September Love them more - Welcome Day for the S1 Students


Student Union Annual General Meeting

September Celebration for the Mid-Autumn Festival


Singing Contest


Student Union Executive Committee Leadership Training Day

November You are not alone - DSE Cheer-You-Up Concert
December Joint School Oral Practice


Christmas Lucky Draw


Christmas Day School Decoration 


Student Union Barbecue


The Chocolate Factory


Inter-House Current Affairs Quiz


Teacher Appreciation Assembly


Inter-House Ball Games


Election activities for the candidate cabinets and the four house committees


Inter-House Chinese Debating Competition


Student Union and House Election

Whole year

Stationery Crazy Sale

Whole year

Publishing of SU Post

Whole year

Democracy Wall

Whole year

School Elite Class Election

Whole year

Lending of games and items

Whole year Student Discounts offered by shops