DSE Geography

Senior Form Curriculum



Core 5: Combating famine – Is technology a panacea for food shortages?

Core 6: Disappearing green canopy – Who should pay for the massive
            deforestation in rainforest regions?

Core 1: Opportunities and risks – Is it rational to live in hazard-prone areas?

Core 2: Managing river and coastal environments: A continuing challenge


Core 3: Changing industrial location – How and why does it change over space and

Core 4: Building a sustainable city – Are environmental conservation and urban
            development mutually exclusive?

Elective 4: A regional study of the Zhujiang Delta – From agricultural region to world

Elective 1: Dynamic Earth – The building of Hong Kong


Core 7: Global warming – Are humans responsible?



DSE Geography Subject Information

  1. Geography Curriculum and Assessment Guide (Secondary 4-6) in English / in Chinese [from EDB]
  2. PLHKS DSE Geography Curriculum Planning Outline
  3. PLHKS Bridging to DSE Geography
  4. PLHKS Subject Poster