Information for Students

Pentecostal Lam Hon Kwong School

PE Class Rules


General Rules

  1. Before taking PE lessons, students must queue up outside the changing room. After the teacher has arrived, they have to change into the whole set of sports uniform promptly, within 5 minutes for the lesson.
  2. Students must remain quiet while they queue up.
  3. The whole set of sports uniform refers to the sweatshirt designated by the school, sports pants, white socks and trainers which are required to be predominantly white. (The color of the sports pants should be black, and should be shorter than knee-length.)
  4. After changing their sports uniforms, students have to immediately gather at the venue designated by the teacher. Students are not allowed to leave the venue without the approval of the teacher.
  5. Students are not allowed to bring valuable items to school, and they should not store any valuable items in the changing room. They should store their belongings in the storage box provided by the teacher.
  6. Keeping long fingernails is strictly forbidden.
  7. Female students have to tie up their hair if it reaches shoulder-length or covers their eyes.
  8. To avoid accidents, students are not allowed to wear any accessories (including watches) during PE classes.
  9. Students will receive a demerit if they have forgotten to bring their PE uniform 3 times.
  10. When students need to move any sports equipment, it must be lifted off the ground and gently put down. Sports equipment should be put back to its original place after use.
  11. Students should finish changing back to their proper school uniforms and wait until the bell rings before they can leave the playground.
  12. Students can only wear winter sports uniforms to school on days with PE lessons. They should not change their outfits during the day.
  13. Students who have not changed into sports uniform are not allowed to attend PE lessons or take part in any other activities. They have to stay at a designated place arranged by the teacher.
  14. Students are not allowed to buy any drink from the tuck shop or vending machine during PE lessons.



 Procedures for taking leave

  1. Students knowing that they are unable to attend the PE class the next day should bring and submit a letter with parent’s signature to the PE teacher before the PE lesson begins.
  2. If a student feels unwell suddenly and cannot attend the PE lesson, he should report in his whole set of sports uniform to his teacher, and carry out tasks given by his teacher close to the venue of the PE class. He should submit a letter with parent’s signature to the PE teacher the following day. (A medical certificate should be handed over to the teacher if necessary.)
  3. If a student cannot attend PE lessons for a prolonged period, he should give prior notice to the school and submit a parent’s letter as well as a medical certificate.