Campus life

Civic education and services


- To develop students’ moral values and a positive attitude towards citizenship.

- To foster students’ sense of belonging to their family, community, and country.

- To cultivate students’ national identity through national education.

- To nurture students’ personal growth by developing their ability to analyze different issues objectively and critically.

- To implement and evaluate the school policy on OLE Community Services.

- To implement evaluation and teacher training.


Values Education:

Values education is an essential element of whole-person education, aiming to foster students’ proper values and attitudes. Morning assemblies have been arranged to nurture twelve priority values and attitudes, including ‘Perseverance’, ‘Respect for Others’, ‘Responsibility’, ‘National Identity’, ‘Commitment’, ‘Integrity’,  ‘Benevolence’, ‘Law-abidingness’, ‘Empathy’, ‘Diligence’, ‘Unity’, and ‘Filial Piety’. 



Civic Education:

To help students develop positive civic values and awareness, various activities have been promoted and encouraged for all students to participate. These activities include the ‘Pledge Day’ organized by the Education Bureau and the ‘Top Ten News’ organized by Hok Yau Club.



Environmental Education:

To enhance students’ environmental awareness and knowledge, civic education assemblies related to environmental protection are held for both junior and senior forms. Students are also taught the importance of maintaining cleanliness in our school by participating in inter-class cleanliness competitions every year.



National Education:

To enhance students’ understanding of our country’s development and foster a stronger sense of national and cultural identity, various activities related to national education are organized throughout the year. These activities include hoisting the national flag every school day, holding the national flag ceremony and singing the national anthem once a week, organizing activities in memory of the 74th Anniversary of the National Day, coordinating with CES/L&S/CS Panel to organize activities on National Constitution Day and National Security Education Day, and organizing thematic book exhibitions in the school library on victory day of Chinese People’s War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, the Nanjing Massacre, the May Fourth Youth Day, etc.




Other Learning Experiences (OLE):

Under the Senior Secondary Curriculum, OLE is one of the three components that complement the core and elective subjects for the whole-person development of students. Social service programs have been organized for S.4 and S.5 students to broaden their horizons and nurture them with positive values and attitudes.