Campus life

Career Guidance & Counselling


  • To provide appropriate and the latest information to help students understand pathways for further studies and the world of work

  • To provide career guidance, and improve students’ knowledge of further studies and work in order to help them prepare better for their future

  • To instill in students the correct work ethics and help them cultivate a good attitude towards work so as to serve the community

  • To encourage students to pursue further studies and lifelong learning for adapting to a rapidly-changing society



Alumni Sharing At School

The School has invited our alumni, Chan Ka Yan to give a talk at school to share her views on the topic of life planning. She is working as the news anchorwoman in Television Broadcasts Limited. Students were very interested in her anchor work, and welcomed her homecoming. The content shared was enlightening. Ka Yan’s sincere sharing regarding students’ life planning benefited all students.


Alumni Career Sharing Day

On a Saturday afternoon, an alumni career sharing activity was organised for S5 students. Our alumni were very supportive, and more than 50 alumni came back to take part in the sharing. They are from all walks of life, and in groups, they shared the pains and joys, entry requirements and promotion prospects of different professions. Students learned a lot, and the sharing was immensely useful for their life plans. The tea party and chit-chat at the end of the day was a memorable moment for all participants. 


Alumni, students and teachers gathering for the event


Shadowing Guidance

Shadowing Guidance is provided to help S6 students complete their application for tertiary programmes via JUPAS. To guide students to make the right choices, the Career Department collaborates with the Counselling Department and S6 class teachers to provide group shadowing guidance for students, which includes individual and continual follow-up, hoping that they can make the most appropriate choices.


Life Planning Guidance

Resources and teaching kits were used to implement "Life Planning" guidance for senior students. The school focuses on New Senior Secondary (NSS) subject selection counselling for S3 students. In addition to a series of subject selection talks, the school uses the teaching kit, "Finding Your Colours of Life: NSS Subject Choices and the Development of Career Aspirations” to help S3 students make the best choices. Extended life planning guidance is provided for S4 to S6 students and the school makes use of another teaching kit, “Career Mapping” to help them better adapt to senior secondary learning.



Business-School Partnership Programme
— Hong Kong Secondary School Original Jewellery Design Competition

The activity is organised by the Gem & Jewellery Alumni Association (GJAA).

The activity aims to explore secondary students’ talents in design, arouse their interest in jewellery design, attract talents in future, and promote Hong Kong’s jewellery industry. The competition includes a workshop cum competition briefing, which enables students to have a preliminary understanding of the concept of jewellery design and the rules of the competition. Students can show and make use of what they have learned in the competition. Winners will be invited to work and gain practical experience at a jewellery shop in Central during the summer holiday.


Career Talks for all forms

The career talks mainly covers topics like JUPAS, university alumni sharing, public exam skills, S4 subject selection, interview skills and subject selection strategies.



HKDSE Result Release Counselling

The school provides immediate result release counselling for parents and S6 students taking the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (HKDSE). In addition, statistics of HKDSE results compiled by the Hong Kong Association of Careers Masters and Guidance Masters (HKACMGM) are used as reference for students, and online search is provided for them to re-prioritize their program choices.  


Career & Life Education Activity Highlights


S. 3

  • Streaming talk (I)(II) 

  • Streaming workshop - Finding your colours of life 

  • S3 Parent’s Day

  • S3 Aptitude Test 

  • S3 Streaming Guidance Day 


S. 4

  • U Info Days for JUPAS 

  • Talk - OLE & JUPAS  

  • Careers Mapping I 

  • Careers mapping II 

  • S4 Orientation Day


S. 5

  • U Info Days for JUPAS

  • Careers Mapping III

  • Talk (I) - OLE & JUPAS  

  • Talk (II) - Prep for JUPAS (SLP) 

  • Alumni-careers day 

  • Mock JUPAS I 

  • Mock JUPAS II – University Admission


S. 6

  • U Info Days for JUPAS 

  • S6 Parent’s Day 

  • Talk (I) - OLE & JUPAS  

  • Talk (II) - JUPAS Application  

  • Talk (III) - JUPAS Strategy  

  • Talk (IV) – Multi-Pathways  

  • Workshop class for writing student self-account 

  • Workshop - JUPAS EMI Interview Skills  

  • One-on-one JUPAS Guidance 

  • DSE Careers Day  

  • JUPAS Guidance for DSE marginal cases