Campus life

Sister School Exchange Program


1.Through exchange activities, the management, faculty, and students of both schools can share their experiences;
2. Enhance the professional levels of teachers in both regions and improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning;
3.Enable students from both regions to increase communication and boost their confidence;
4.Assist both schools in expanding their school networks;
5.Promote cultural exchanges between Hong Kong and Mainland China.


Sister School Academic Exchange Activities

Our school hosts a series of academic exchange activities each year, engaging in deep collaboration and exchange with our sister school in Mainland China. The activities include in-person visits and remote video exchanges, providing opportunities for both students and teachers to benefit fully.

In-Person Exchange
Each first semester, we welcome teachers and students from our sister school in Mainland China for a three-day field exchange activity. During the second semester, approximately twenty of our teachers and students visit the sister school in Mainland China and participate in English drama performance exchanges. These in-person exchanges enhance students' social skills and increase their understanding of different cultures.

Distance Learning
In addition to in-person exchanges, we also establish remote classrooms through advanced audio-visual equipment and conduct multiple online exchange activities with our sister school each year. For example, we hold video conferences through the remote classroom, allowing teachers from both sister schools to teach students of the sister school remotely; teachers also conduct remote teaching discussions to review teaching effectiveness.

Future Exchange Topics
To make our academic exchange activities more impactful, we have planned a series of future exchange topics, including creative education, STEAM teaching, language teaching, and cultural education. These topics will give students a more comprehensive understanding of various educational concepts and applications, and they will be able to apply them in actual teaching processes.