Sponsoring Body

Sponsoring Body




Our school was founded by Kowloon Pentecostal Church in 1983. The building fund was donated by Mrs. Lam Yip Wai Man, the widow of Mr. Lam Hon Kwong, a member of the church. To express our sincere gratitude to Mrs.Lam Yip Wai Man, our school is named after Mr. Lam Hon Kwong in remembrance of his benevolence. 



Biography of Mr. Lam Hon Kwong





Mr. Lam Hon Kwong was born on 11th June 1908 in Guangzhou. He came to Hong Kong for schooling at a young age, and accompanying his relatives, furthered his studies in the United States. After graduation, he returned to Hong Kong and worked at the naval dockyard. On 16th April 1937, he married Ms.Yip Wai Man and after that, they started a company named Hing Fat Hong, which later became a dealer of Mobil products. With their expertise in running the company, their business flourished. Mrs. Lam has been a committed and dedicated member of Kowloon Pentecostal Church. Mr. Lam was deeply touched by her dedication to God, so in 1944, he was baptized too.


Mr. Lam Hon Kwong was an amiable person. Being a faithful member of Kowloon Pentecostal Church, he attended church meetings regularly and practised tithing in compliance with the teachings of the Bible.

Not only did Mr. Lam love children, he also made donations to assist the children from underprivileged families to pursue higher education. With such support, many of those children have been educated to become useful members of society and prominent citizens. In addition, Mr. Lam donated funds to schools to support their work.

On 22nd October 1963, Mr. Lam entered his heavenly home in peace. Mrs. Lam followed his will and made a generous donation to Kowloon Pentecostal Church for founding a new school in Shatin. To remember Mr. Lam’s contribution, the Church named the school after him as Pentecostal Lam Hong Kwong School.