The objective of Gifted Education in our school is to discover and train students with potential, provide them with a suitable learning platform to develop their personal potential. In addition to catering for different learning needs, ‘Gifted Education" can also inspire students to think, cultivate creativity and social skills, etc. With reference to the three-tier structure of the Education Bureau, PLHKS has provided comprehensive gifted education so that students can realize their potential.


This diagram shows the three-tier operation mode in implementing gifted education in Hong Kong

  • Level 3
    Special enhancement programmes organized by external institutions and organizations
  • Level 2
    School-based pull-out programmes in disciplinary or interdisciplinary areas for the more able students beyond the classroom
  • Level 1
    Subject-based classroom learning strategies for enhancing students’ potentials in higher order thinking, creativity and personal-competence in the regular classroom




Level 1: School-based whole-class teaching


Our school incorporates gifted education elements such as higher-order thinking, creativity, and personal and social skills into the regular curriculum. In addition, enrichment content has been added in the regular curriculum, to enhance learning satisfaction of gifted students.


A: Incorporate elements of gifted education such as advanced thinking, creativity, and personal and social skills into the regular curriculum.
B: Implement teaching in the regular classroom based on students' characteristics, incorporating enrichment content.


Level 2: School-based Pull-out Programmes


Various pull-out programmes are also organized by subject departments and committees, such as:

  • School-based English Speaking and Debating Curriculum

  • English Public Speaking Club

  • English Debating Team

  • Chinese Debating Team

  • Chinese Speaking Club

  • Mathematical Olympiad

  • Physics Olympiad

  • STEAM Club

  • Leadership Training Programme


Level 3: Off-school support


Our school maintains close ties with external organizations. Teachers select outstanding students based on their performance and allow them to participate in a variety of off-campus courses, such as courses organized by the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education and gifted programmes organized by various tertiary institutions. Also, we encourage gifted students to participate in various competitions in different aspects, for example, the "Hong Kong Academic Moot Defense and Moot Court Competition" organized by Shue Yan University.