Campus life

Student Counselling


  • Creating a caring and positive environment.

  • Empowering students to shoulder responsibilities.

  • Enhancing students’ sense of belonging.

  • Developing a school-based value education programme.

  • Enhancing positive influence of family for the growth of students.



Moral Education

The work of Moral education mainly involves two tiers: first, "P.A.T.H.S. to Adulthood" and "Basic Life Skill Training" programmes, and second, extracurricular activities such as voluntary work and growth camps. In addition, morning assemblies and talks on different topics are arranged according to students’ needs. We hope that through Moral Education, good moral values can be instilled and our students can have a wholesome personality and be equipped for different challenges.


Sex Education

The Counselling Department also emphasizes the development of sex education through organizing sex education classes and peer counselors, holding workshops and promoting Sex Education Day. By holding talks, morning assembly sharing sessions, games and display boards and peer interaction, we aim to help students to discuss, understand and share ideas about sex topics; which can promote correct sexual ethics. Topics may include gender differences, boundaries for getting along with others, and knowledge of sex.


S1 Pastoral Care Programme

The Counselling Department and other school departments have organised a series of activities for S1 students to help them better adapt to secondary school life. They include Orientation Day, S1 Parents Day in August and Special Counselling Day in early September. The Counselling Department also guides Counselling Prefects in organizing the “Big Brother/ Big Sister Scheme”. The programme not only helps every S1 student lead a happy and memorable school life with the care of Counselling Prefects, but also helps the Counselling Prefects mature through learning how to care for others.


S.1 Orientation Day


Volunteer Service

The activities of the Volunteer Service Team of the Counselling Department include community services, adventure-based camp, military training camp and Community Experiential Day. Through these activities, students can learn more about society and how to care for others, as well as how to get along and collaborate with their peers. Students can grow through the above experiences.


Social Experience Day visiting the racial minorities in HK.


Community Care

Every year, the Counselling Department organises two whole-school Blood Donation Days, and usually more than 100 teachers and students participate in this activity. Apart from that, in response to the needs of the community, the team organises different fundraising activities, such as “Red Packets Fundraising for the Needy”, and emergency relief activities. Through these activities, students can learn the following: “Not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others” and “It is more blessed to give than to receive”.


Blood Donation Day


Parent Work

To cater to different needs of parents, the Counselling Department organises a series of parents’ talks to help parents have a deeper understanding of teenagers. They can learn more ways to bring up their children and help them grow. The Department also organises Parent-Child Day Camps to enhance the communication between parents and their children for a more intimate parent-child relationship.


Parents talks


Individual Counselling

To help students overcome the difficulties or obstacles encountered in their growth or the environment, the clinical psychologists of the Education Bureau, school social workers of the Hong Kong Children and Youth Services and the teachers of the Counselling Department provide counselling services to students with special needs through group or individual counselling.


Integrated Education

The school strives to build an integrated culture through “whole-school participation”, which offers assistance to students with special educational needs. The reallocation of resources provides students with appropriate and diversified support services that enhance their learning efficiency and help them integrate in school life. The school has received additional resources from the Education Bureau, which include Learning Support Grant and Top-up Fund to help students with special needs. The following support measures are provided in our school:


  • Establishment of a Student Support Team.

  • Provision of after-school remedial lesson for students with special educational needs.

  • Provision of speech therapy services and social skill training services.

  • Provision of learning and assessment accommodation to students in need.

  • Co-operation with parents to effectively support their children.

  • Implementation of the "Big Brother & Big Sister Program" to help S1 students.

  • Provision of emotional and behavioral counselling for individual students with special learning needs.

  • Establishment of a social services team to help students to accept individual differences.