Parent-school collaboration is an essential part of school education, and our school is committed to promoting such collaboration to enhance the connection and communication between parents and the school. Through close collaboration, we believe it can effectively promote students' academic and holistic growth. Over the years, our school's Parent-Teacher Association has organized various activities that have deepened the mutual trust between the school and parents and strengthened the parent-child relationship. We also provide parent education to help parents understand the needs of their children in their growth journey. Additionally, we strive to involve parents in school governance by seeking their input on school policies and electing parent representatives to serve on the School Management Committee. This ensures that parents have an active role in school management.


The composition of the Executive Committee is as follows:


Chairperson: One parent
Vice-Chairpersons: One parent and one Vice-principal of the school
Treasurer: One parent
Secretary: One parent
Committee Members: Six parents and four teachers


Activities organized by the Parent-Teacher Association include:

Charity Sale: fundraising events for charitable causes.
BBQ Night: a barbecue event for members and participants.
Annual General Meeting and Parent Seminar: a yearly meeting for members and organizing a seminar for parents to discuss relevant topics.
Parent Interest Classes: classes or workshops to cater to the interests and needs of parents.
Annual Walkathon Fundraiser: a walkathon event to raise funds for specific purposes.
Publication of PTA Newsletter: a newsletter to keep parents and teachers informed about PTA activities (published twice a year).