The 39th Sing Tao Inter-School Debating Competition

Awards Group Student name Class
Advance to the fourth round Secondary Section Lee Tsz Yau Cassie 5A14
Advance to the fourth round Secondary Section Tang Siu Yan 4A24
Advance to the fourth round Secondary Section Xie Sze Ting 1D25


Our school's Chinese debating team participated in the "39th Hong Kong Inter-School Debating Competition" organized by Sing Tao. In the third round held on December 16, 2023, our team emerged victorious.


The debate topic for this competition was: "Should 'death from overwork' be included in employee protection measures?" Our team represented the opposition and won by a score of 3-0, defeating the team from Salesian English School. Cassie Lee Tsz Yau was selected as the Best Debater, and Tang Siu Yan was chosen as the Best Interjector.


We extend our gratitude to the members of our debating team on stage: Xie Sze Ting (1D), Tang Siu Yan (4A), Cassie Lee Tsz Yau (5A), and all the team members for their dedication and efforts. We would also like to thank Teacher Yip Heung Wah, Teacher Lai Ho Him, Coach Ho Ka Yan, and Coach Poon Chun Bun for their guidance.